“Is minic a rinne bromach gioblach capall cumasach.”

Is minic (often) a rinne (made) bromach (colt) gioblach (ragged) capall (horse) cumasach (talented). (Many a ragged colt made a noble horse.)

We use “capall” for one horse and “capaill” for more than one. Is maith leat capaill. (You like horses.)

An equivalent proverb in English would be : “Do not judge by appearance, a rich heart may be under a poor coat.” Gaelic Proverb

Et en français on pourrait dire : “Les apparences sont parfois trompeuses.” Jean de La Fontaine

À l’image du vilain petit canard qui s’est finalement transformé en magnifique cygne, les apparences nous conduisent parfois vers des vérités erronées.

Trí chapall (three horses):
Under certain circumstances, the spelling of a word may change. Here the word horses is written “chapall”. A seimhiú “h” has been added because the word horses/ “chapall” follows the number three.

Lucie Lapointe

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