ElderDog Canada

Bhí fonn orm alt a scríobh don bhlog seo le tamall beag anuas. Ach, ní raibh a fhios agam cad a scríobh faoi.  Ansin, ar maidin, fuair mé ríomhphost agus d’aimsigh mé é!  Ba mhaith liom scríobh faoi ElderDog Canada.   Is carthanacht é ElderDog a chabhraíonnn le seandaoine a gcuid mhadraí a choinneáil abhaile.  NaContinue reading “ElderDog Canada”

An Gorta Mór : cuid a dó

Famine had a decisive impact on Irishsociety.This collective struggle, resulting from a kind of adversity that nowadays we have difficulty tofathom, still resonates today. Many books have been written in an effort to explain the primarycauses of the disaster: the origins of the late blight itself, the vulnerability of monoculture, thelandlord ownership system, etc. InContinue reading “An Gorta Mór : cuid a dó”


Is minic (often) a rinne (made) bromach (colt) gioblach (ragged) capall (horse) cumasach (talented). (Many a ragged colt made a noble horse.) We use “capall” for one horse and “capaill” for more than one. Is maith leat capaill. (You like horses.) An equivalent proverb in English would be : “Do not judge by appearance, aContinue reading “Seanfhocal”

Why are you learning Irish?

Cén fath a bhfuil tú ag foghlaim Gaeilge? Writings and thoughts from learners of Gaeilge. For the most part, this is their work without corrections and the Gaeilge may have errors. But it answers the most common question that we get in Nova Scotia: Why are you learning Irish? Rose Naomi O’Brey I am hopingContinue reading “Why are you learning Irish?”