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A community blog from members of Cumann an Ghleanna dedicated to the Irish culture and language in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

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  1. Very interesting reading. Thank you. I visited Grosse Ile with my family years ago. It was a very emotional experience.

MareGold Session – 31 Iúil 2021

Tunes – Foinn Session List – Foinn MareGold Retreat Centre July 31, 2021 Out on the Ocean – G Banish Misfortune – D O’Carolan’s Concerto Polkas Maggie in the Woods – G John Ryan’s – D Dennis Murphy’s – D Trip Over the Mountain – G (slow air) Reels Temperance Reel – G (Teetotalers) BansheeContinue reading “MareGold Session – 31 Iúil 2021”

An Gorta Mór : cuid a dó

Famine had a decisive impact on Irishsociety.This collective struggle, resulting from a kind of adversity that nowadays we have difficulty tofathom, still resonates today. Many books have been written in an effort to explain the primarycauses of the disaster: the origins of the late blight itself, the vulnerability of monoculture, thelandlord ownership system, etc. InContinue reading “An Gorta Mór : cuid a dó”

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