“Lúb ar Lár” and other poems by Máire Dinny Wren

Originally posted on Poethead by Chris Murray:
Lúb ar Lár and other poems by Máire Dinny Wren. Original Irish versions followed by English translations by Máire Dinny Wren and Kathryn Daily Ar an Chladach Dhearóil Is cuimhin liom a bheith ag snámh, Is cuimhin liom a bheith ar an tanalacht, Is cuimhin liom a bheith…

An Gorta Mór

A pivotal moment If we look back in history and try to comprehend why so many Irish residents emigratedin Canada in the second half of nineteen century, we have to understand thedevastating consequences of the “Gorta Mór”, the Great Famine. It started in 1845 andlasted up to 1849. During these unquestionably trying times, everyone affectedContinue reading “An Gorta Mór”