An Gorta Mór : cuid a dó

Famine had a decisive impact on Irishsociety.This collective struggle, resulting from a kind of adversity that nowadays we have difficulty tofathom, still resonates today. Many books have been written in an effort to explain the primarycauses of the disaster: the origins of the late blight itself, the vulnerability of monoculture, thelandlord ownership system, etc. InContinue reading “An Gorta Mór : cuid a dó”


Is minic (often) a rinne (made) bromach (colt) gioblach (ragged) capall (horse) cumasach (talented). (Many a ragged colt made a noble horse.) We use “capall” for one horse and “capaill” for more than one. Is maith leat capaill. (You like horses.) An equivalent proverb in English would be : “Do not judge by appearance, aContinue reading “Seanfhocal”